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Introduction To Heads HEADS Nepal (Health, Education, Agriculture and Development Society), a non-profit making and non-governmental organization, was officially registered at District Administrative Office (DAO), Kathmandu on Nov. 12, 2006 with the registration number 127. HEADS Nepal is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council in 2009. Before this, it has passed its different historical metamorphosis. In the preliminary phase of its development, a group of inquisitive and conscious youths of Baguwa, Gorkha began a social campaign against the prevailing conservative culture and social system by establishing ‘Human Welfare Association (HWA)’ in 1978 AD. A social organization was established in the name of Baguwa (Gorkha) Health Welfare Committee, Kathmandu in May 14, 1993 AD. The organization renamed itself in 2006 AD and got registered in the name of ‘Baguwa (Gorkha) Health and Development Society (BHDS)’. The BHDS was transformed into ‘Health, Education, Agriculture and Development Society Nepal (HEADS Nepal)’ in 2011 AD and officially registered as a social organization based on a collective ownership of its members.

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