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1. To emancipate the world community from physical and mental barriers 2. To support the world community in an effective way to raise their living standards through the growth and development in health, education, agriculture and development activities. 3. To work as an important partner to transform the world from the society of necessity into the society of independence. 4. To assure emergency services and health security along with the integrated development; 5. To raise the awareness, understanding and knowledge of people on dangerous diseases, such as HIV/AIDS. 6. To provide a basic and/or vocational education and training services for the disadvantaged, marginalized and helpless people in order to make them literate and empower in the developmental activities. 7. To give emphasis on gender equity in quality education, employment and other opportunities. 8. To help for improving the agricultural systems and also assuring food security particularly to rural areas. 9. To manage technologies as well as infrastructures suitable for people’s interest. 10. To improve the socio-economic and environmental condition of nomads and rural people. 11. To organize campaigns for aforestation, environmental protection and management and other national issues. 12. To generate employment opportunities for youths in the country. 13. To help and conduct the water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program in rural and urban areas.

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